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    Cad Cut Vinyl Printing is considered as one of the most popular printing techniques, but there is actually no printing involved in it. In this process, a state of the art machine is used to cut a high quality vinyl printing paper into the shape of the design. This type of custom vinyl printing is perfect for printing sports names and numbers, low quantity garment runs, sample t-shirts, birthday gift, stag and hen t-shirts.

    What is Cad Cut Printing?

    In Cad Cut Vinyl Printing the chosen artwork or design is cut from a vinyl printing paper by using CAD (Computer Aided Design) Technology. You can control the whole cutting process by using a computer device to ensure that the print looks exactly as it does on the screen. The excess vinyl is weeded by hand, once the sheet is cut. After that the cut vinyl print is placed and heat-sealed to the garment. These types of prints are ideal for simple artwork that contains flat color. Obviously the cost of set-up involved in screen printing is low.

    Cad Cut Vinyl Printing New York City, NYC, NY

    Cad Cut Printing New York City, NY is best suited for small runs, in printing individual names or numbers. This type of printing is an ideal and cost-effective solution for printing high volume work.

    Salient Features:

    • High quality material
    • Fast turnaround
    • No set up charges
    • Create precise shapes
    • Perfect for printing numbers and names

    In custom vinyl printing, adobe illustrator or CorelDraw is used to have an outline added over the logo or text. Then the design is electronically cut onto a single color sheet of vinyl by using a digital cutter.

    Vinyl Printing NYC is the fastest and cost-effective solution to print sportswear, t-shirts or for producing small quantities of printed work wear. It is more similar to transfer printing, except it is only suitable for designs that need 1 or 2 colors. This is a unique process that involves cutting out your design from a particular vinyl material by using specialized cutting machines.

    By using this process, simple 1 or 2 colored designs can be printed easily in no time. It is an ideal option for names and numbers on various kinds of promotionalclothing and printed sports clothing.Another important feature of cad cut vinyl printing is that you can use it in both light and dark colored garments. You should remember that there are some logos that are too intricate to cut out and print.

    The prices of Cad Cut Vinyl printing can start from $15 per cut and application, but the Cost of Printing always depends on the quantity and the size of the printed logo.

    Here is what we offer:

    • Highly Durable & Perfectly Stretchable Material
    • Perfect for Sports Names and Numbers
    • Great for Bespoke Printing
    • Very Fast Delivery and Turnaround Time
    • No Set Up Charges
    • No Minimum Vinyl Printing NYC
    • Custom Vinyl Printing New York
    • Cad Cut Vinyl NYC
    • large format vinyl printing
    • wholesale vinyl printing
    • Creates Perfect Shapes, Lines and Details

    Cad Cut Vinyl Printing Services Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Reviewed by 2000+ clients on over 3500+ projects.

    As mentioned before, Wholesale Vinyl Printing New York is ideal for low quantity T-shirts, work-wear and sports garments ; such as football and baseball jerseys, sports t-shirts, custom painted and promotional garments, birthday gifts and many more.

    For a quick quote, please feel free to Contact Us and we will get back to you shortly.