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    What is Direct to Garment Printing?

    Direct to Garment Printing or commonly known as DTG Printing, is a systematic process of printing on textiles as well as garments by using a specialized inkjet technology. It has two components: a transport mechanism for the garment and a specialty ink that are generally applied to the textile directly.

    At Custom 101 prints, we offer unparalleled direct to garment printing solutions by using advanced technology, operational software packages, and high-end digital DTG printers. We have world class support hands who can offer an eco-friendly and fully integrated customized digital printing solution.

    Why Custom 101 prints?

    Custom 101 prints is a pearl among the direct garment printing companies. We offer white label solution for businesses and individuals to have t-shirts, sportswear, and other apparels printed on demand under your brand. We make garments drop shining easy.

    If you look around, you can see that everywhere people are wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts decorated with attractive graphics. Together with Custom 101 prints DTG printing services, you can put your own brand onto the garments. Direct to Garment Printing is considered as one of the newest form of printing technologies, and are one of those few companies who offer massive printing service using DTG techniques.

    Direct to Garment techniques is a great way to fill the gaps left by other garment decoration methods. If you think about embroidery method, it doesn’t allow photographic details. Screen printing can be an expensive choice when used for multiple colors, and it also requires high minimum order quantities since it requires a high set-up cost for each image. Heat transferring is also a common printing method, but it delivers a thick rubbery feel to the graphic. Dye sublimation is good only for 100% synthetic fabrics.

    However, with direct to garment printing each image you require can be printed digitally with full details. You don’t have to care for any screen making, no messy clean up, no color or minimum quantity limitations.

    Custom 101 prints is a quality DTG Printing Company, located in Bronx, NY offers direct to garment printing of t-shirts and polo shirts.

    What is the Process of DTG Printing?

    DTG printing generally involves a very easy and extraordinary process. The first thing to any Direct to Garment Printing is to have a design in a software or program. We can also accept designs from a customer. For example: if our client is using a nicely designed logo, we will be more than happy to control ink settings, image placements and other print options for the graphics. Once the graphic is ripped and the ideal settings for the design are selected, we will proceed with the print options, and the same is sent to our printer.

    The next step is to load the garments onto the printer. We will preview your image on the console, and if satisfied, the print will be processed. The printer will then print the graphics directly onto the garment.

    Custom 101 prints designers also take extra care for the dark colored garments before the printing so that the white ink under-base actually adheres to the garment, allowing the colors to be unique instead of being lost in the dark color of the garment.

    Once the graphic printing is completed, the garment is removed from the printer and is placed on the heat press for 1-2 minutes. Heat will cure the ink to the t-shirt.

    Our DTG printing machine is considered the best in the industry:

    • Ideal for cotton t-shirts.
    • Ideal for small batch printing – NO minimums
    • Ideal for colorful designs–same price for both plain and colored designs.
    • Ideal for quick turn-around jobs
    • No set up fees if art is provided ready to print
    • You can print on dark garments
    • Maximum print area: 14 x 18”Print resolution 1200 x 1200dpi


    • The print will never crack or peel although it will fade a little bit over time.
    • The best way on how to visualize the GT-381 ink behaves on darker colored tees is to think about putting a sheet of construction paper in your colored printer. All the ink colors look great on the lighter color paper but not on the darker paper. Our GT-381 printer ink works the same way that a personal printer does.

    The Quality:

    Custom 101 prints DTG printing services is also known for their vibrant quality. We print gradients, texts, photographs, and other graphics onto the garment by using direct to garment printing.

    Call Custom 101 prints at 718.708.4425 to print high quality resolution graphics by using direct to garment printing method.