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    Custom 101 Prints offers custom embroidery designs for both commercial and personal design purposes. We have the most amazing digitizing technology that creates the most promising custom machine embroidery logo or any design in no time.

    With years of embroidery digitizing experience, Custom 101 prints has worked with a number of Commercial Clients, as well as small business and personal projects to create Custom Embroidery Designs. We have made the task of embroidery designs easier. We have several years experience in digitizing any embroidery design concepts for individual and commercial customers around the world. We have specialized team of embroidery experts, who can punch any designs manually or by machine.

    At Custom 101 Prints, you will find a wide variety of embroidery designs to fulfill their sewing pleasure. We have instant download facility so that we can start our client’s project right away. If you are looking for a classy, upscale look, embroidery is just what you want to enhance your image and brand. It creates a highly professional impression of your company’s logo and creates a sophisticated look. Embroidery is also very durable – typically the garment will be worn out long before the embroidered design shows much wear.

    What is Custom Embroidery?

    Embroidery is a process of textile production that utilizes a CAD-operated needle as well as thread to stitch a design onto a garment.

    Custom Embroidery is a compact process in which a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used in order to create design patters onto the garments. The process is usually utilized in commercial product branding, corporate advertising, and in sports uniform designing. Also there are some fashion enthusiast who also machine embroiders for personal sewing and craft projects.

    Machine embroidery is actually the result of industrial revolution. Machine embroidery actually helps in mass production in a very short time.

    The Basic Process Used by Custom 101 Prints:

    Custom 101 Prints uses its own customized process when it comes to produce custom embroidery designs. With our unique machine embroidery process, we are able to provide our customers with services like custom polo shirt embroidery, custom embroidery jacket, custom hat embroidery and others. We maintain the following process in our Embroidery Studio:

    Digitizing the Embroidery:

    The first step is to create a digitized embroidery design file that we are going to implement in the design process. Usually the embroidery file formats can be divided into two categories – source formats and machine formats. We have high quality custom embroidery machines at our facility and our machines have one or more machine formats.

    Editing the Design:

    The next step is to edit the design. Once the design has been digitized, the embroidery experts at Custom 101 Prints use unique software in order to edit or combine the design with other concepts given by the client. We have unique system to rotate, scale, move, stretch, and crop an existing design by using loads of design patterns. We can even provide our clients with the facility to change the color, use a monochrome, or re-sorted the existing design.

    How the cost is determined for embroidery?

    The cost of embroidery made at Custom 101 Prints is generally determined by the stitch count or the number of stitches goes into the design. The more stitches in a given design, the higher will be the cost. In case you want us to Design a Custom Logo, then there is an additional charge for the digitization. Digitization is actually the process that we have to undergo to convert the logo into a format that is readable to our sewing machine.

    Who can order for embroidery?

    Literally everyone who has a requirement to design certain mediums like polos, hats, jackets, blankets, bags etc can order the service of Custom 101 prints custom embroider design service. Embroidery is popular since it adds an elegant touch that is little uncommon with screen printing. Embroidery even allows for easy and affordable customizations when our clients want to add different names as well as titles to multiple garments that need to be embroidered.

    Standard turn-around time for embroidery is seven business days; this time period begins when all blank goods have been received at our docks and the final art files have been approved. If a shorter time period than seven days for production is required, a rush charge of 20% will be added to the Embroidery Prices. Embroidery Prices listed are per sewing and location using the same art, based on the quantity of sewings and the stitch count of the design*, on blank goods purchased from Custom 101 prints.

    Please Note: BECAUSE OF THE LARGE NUMBER OF ORDERS WE HANDLE EACH DAY, THE MINIMUM QUANTITY FOR ANY DIRECT EMBROIDERY ORDER IS 5 PIECES WITH THE SAME LOGO OR DESIGN. You may mix and match garment styles within those 6 pieces, but the logo itself must be produced a miminum of 6 times for us to create an embroidery price quote for the job.

    If you want custom embroidered products at a very low quantity — even a single piece! — you can buy those items directly online with no price quote required from our Any Quantity Program page!

    Embroidery is also the best solution for higher-end event apparel, like golf tournaments, award ceremonies, or charity functions. Embroidered apparel amps up your campaign’s brand awareness when all participants are wearing embroidered shirts and increases the event’s quality person.

    It also great for giveaways or for sale or auction items as you can embroider very high-quality brands such as Adidas, Champion, Izod, Outer Banks, Rossignol, TaylorMade, and Van Heusen, to name a few.